Useless Eaters: Understanding the Socialist Delusion

Submitted by rudy on Thu, 10/31/2019 - 09:20

Introduction and Outline

The primary subject of this book is the reality, nature, and source of the leftist compulsion to act in direct opposition to the values the person believes in,  but its purpose is to help restore sanity to American politics, education, and journalism by breaking past the boundaries of politically correct discourse. 

The insanity is  ultimately a way of handling the contradictions between belief and reality. Thus socialists reject the idea of God but feel, as almost everyone does,  that some things or actions are morally right, others wrong.  Christians describe that feeling as the voice of God in us, psychologists as the essence of cognitive dissonance; but,  either way,  acting on it by doing the right thing is the path to sanity and happiness,  while  trying to silence it by claiming that wrong is right and then doing more wrong,  is the path to insanity, bitterness, and the socialist preference for violence and authoritarianism.

Thus democrats say they believe strongly in the rule of law and most actually do, but the opinions of almost all senior court judges nominated and appointed by democrats can be reliably predicted entirely through political, not legal, analysis. Democrats say they hate racists and oppose book burning and most believe it, but the same people want to ban, burn, or rewrite an American parable, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, in which a white boy overcomes cultural prejudice to see an escaped slave as human first and black second.

Open any major independent or conservative magazine or website and you'll find serious people baffled by democrats who say one thing but mean and do the opposite. Whether it's the liberal perversion of history in Common Core, Obama/Clinton corruption, or the vicious personal attacks progressives launch at anyone daring to criticize their frequent recourse to the ad hominem diversion, the conservative reaction to what is seen as leftist hypocrisy is the same everywhere: anger, confusion, and vacillation produced by a complete inability to understand how people who appear perfectly sane can seem to sincerely believe in a set of principles, and yet almost always act in direct opposition to them.

Progressive insanity is real and beyond parody: just recently a woman who is sane, reasonable, loyal, and very smart went purple faced and apoplectic to shout that I cannot condemn Islam's treatment of women as property to be violated at will, because some Republicans in Texas want women to see an ultrasound of their baby's heart beating in the womb before they can legally order the child killed.

Worse, progressive insanity has become so widespread, and so overwhelming in its certainties, that its believers bypass critical thought and the need for real world validation to uncritically accept almost any nonsense consistent with their world view: so Venezuelan socialism has been a humanitarian success; climate change will kill most humans on earth by 2030; President Trump is a totalitarian racist; and, placing  metastasizing colonies of uneducated and assimilation resistant migrants from various shithole countries around the world in the United States will strengthen the body politic.

Antifa in the United States is the direct descendant of the anti-fascists Hitler organized in the early 1930s to hound and denigrate German socialists favoring others, and particularly Stalin and Ernst Rohm, over himself as the socialist party's thought leader.  Like its ancestor, today's Antifa is fascist in nature and wholly dedicated to using violence and third parties like the BLM movement in the suppression of non conforming views.

Thus when people can't  attend a Trump rally in Minneapolis without passing through a cordon of hate filled rioters on their way into, and out of, the stadium we're seeing 1932 Germany all over again.  When a high performing CEO can be fired for attending a Christian conference, when tenured professors can be fired for questioning warmist doctrine; when abortion "rights" are sacrosanct and the President can be prosecuted in secret, we're seeing Russia circa 1917, Germany circa 1932, China in 1947 - we're seeing the evolution of a world of fear and political correctness that has to stopped. In the 1930s reining it in took a world war,  today it will take a deep understanding of what makes people behave this way if we're to have any chance of saving them before their degradation goes too far and pressures start to build toward some future bloodbath.

That, and nothing else, is what this book is for - helping you understand why left leaning liberals become caricature right wing fascists when given the power to act is the first step toward saving the left's believers: your husband, your wife, your kids, and your country.

In outline:

  1. part one offers a summary of the book - a summary which assumes, usually incorrectly because much of what passes for common knowledge is wrong, that the reader understands the terms and context discussed in section two;
  2. part two provides background essays defining terms and context. These essays attempt to answer some key questions: where does socialism fit in western history? how can we tell that it's evil? how does a national economy work? what is "cognitive dissonance" really? what values do Christians and socialists share? what is malthusian resource economics? and, how seriously should we take the left's claims that only coercive government action can avert global environmental catastrophe?
  3. part three consists of several essays, including those on subjects like the Lifeboat Earth Fallacy, Required Progressive Belief, Malthusian Prophecy, and the Effects of Regulation, repeating, exemplifying, and supporting the core ideas in the book.
  4. and, finally, there's  a short essay, largely quoting other people, on the meaning and history of the words "Useless Eaters" in the title.